The Family 

雨晨 Yu Chen

Yu Chen is a happy teenage girl with Cerebral Palsy who likes to laugh and learn. Her parents both work but still make time to surround her with love and care. She loves to have visitors and recently insisted on wearing her favorite pink outfit when she knew our FPP staff were coming.

Her younger sister likes to read to Yu Chen or share interesting things she is learning at school, and any time her sister gets ice cream out of the refrigerator, she makes sure Yu Chen gets some ice cream too!

Yu Chen’s father had also built her a wheelchair out of wood, and during the summer they put a colorful mosquito net around her to protect her skin. Her family reached out to the Family Partners Program for support. In addition to receiving regular Speech and Language Therapy from our German specialist Miss Dorothee, our Physiotherapists have also taken measurements to assist in finding a new wheelchair.

At present, Yu Chen is growing in confidence and puts forth good effort into her exercises. We look forward to continuing with her and her family on this journey.

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Here is your weekly dose of encouragement.  It is my great joy to share with you what our staff have been up to each week.  And I know that these snapshots of just the tip of the iceberg.

Know that you are part of Love, Hope, and Opportunity being given to numerous families like this each week!

Shan Mei enjoying a visit from our Special Education Teacher!

Yu Chen receiving Physical Therapy at our Kai Fu Center

Shao Yi having a ball 🙂

Yi Chen learning with his Mother by his side

Initial Assessment with a new family

Tang Yi loves when our staff come to visit!

雨晨 Yu Chen enjoys her time with our staff so much.  Here she is clearly enjoying her therapy session at our Kai Fu Center today.

Something that always touches my heart is when I watch the transformation of a shy child who is unsure of themselves into a shining star.  And make no mistake, it is LOVE that does this.  When they see the light in our eyes directed toward them, it changes the way they see themselves.  My, oh my, beautiful 雨晨 Yu Chen is shining bright!

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