You’ll Never Walk Alone

One of the greatest challenges our families face is the feeling of isolation.  Of being an outsider in their own country; their own neighborhood.  The response to this kind of emotion is predictable.  Out of kindness to their child and in deference to relatives and neighbors, they often choose to shelter and protect their beloved children from the world outside. That is why I find photos like this so moving.  When our staff (pictured right) give love and bring hope, we have the privilege of introducing them to the possibility of a whole new world.  A world where children and families are valued.  Where opportunity is available for all.  And a world where parents and children can advocate for positive change and greater inclusion. It is the kind of world we all long to live in.  Where we can recognize the entire "body" of humanity and promote love and cooperation.  Thank you for joining me in working to create this kind of society in Mainland China and beyond!

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