The Family 

逸 Yi

Yi is a bright fifteen year old boy with Cerebral Palsy who lives with his parents and siblings in Changsha. He has a five year old brother with autism, 煊 Xuan, who attends school in a special education center. Yi and his family live above the center. 

The children’s father works in a variety of part-time and seasonal positions and travels regularly for work. We look forward to continuing to support and uplift Yi and his family through the diligent work of our Cross Care Teams.

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Seeing photos like this mean so much to me.  So many of our families are isolated from the relationships and resources that could change their lives.  So when our local staff are warmly welcomed into their homes, it is evidence that mountains are already moving.

As you can see from the photos below, these are much more than “professional” relationships.  For precious families like that of Tang Yi and his mother and little brother, they become friends and fans.

As one mother put it recently, how can I quit when I know now there is help available?  And that’s when things begin to change.  These relationships open the door to resources that were previously unavailable or maybe just unknown.

And when you combine life-giving RELATIONSHIPS and life-changing RESOURCES, this is a recipe for a family to make real PROGRESS toward a better tomorrow.


Tang Yi and his mother and brother enjoying a visit from Miss Dorothee

Sometimes families insist that our local staff accept their hospitality and they share a meal together

Pure joy!

Here is your weekly dose of encouragement.  It is my great joy to share with you what our staff have been up to each week.  And I know that these snapshots of just the tip of the iceberg.

Know that you are part of Love, Hope, and Opportunity being given to numerous families like this each week!

Shan Mei enjoying a visit from our Special Education Teacher!

Yu Chen receiving Physical Therapy at our Kai Fu Center

Shao Yi having a ball 🙂

Yi Chen learning with his Mother by his side

Initial Assessment with a new family

Tang Yi loves when our staff come to visit!

As Yi and his family live on the top floor of an office building and it is only with great effort his mother is able to take him out into the community, visitors are most welcome!  His mother has been making good use of both the wheelchair and shower chair we provided for him this past year.

In addition, his younger brother Xuan Xuan also enjoys these visits and has come away with learning supplies and toys on more than one occasion.  In China, it is bad manners to show up empty handed, and our staff are more than happy to comply by blessing this precious family.

Below is Miss Dorothee, our German volunteer who is a Speech and Language Specialist.  Her kind and gentle demeanor are a big hit with children and families.  And as you can see, Yi is quite smitten with her 🙂

Miss Dorothee seated with Yi

Yi soaking up the attention with Miss Dorothee and his mother (bottom left)

唐逸 Tang Yi’s shower chair has arrived from the US!  This will be a tremendous blessing to both him and his mother!

Our ladies have been busy this week delivering gifts to FPP families.  唐瑄 Tang Xuan seems really happy with this item!

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