This Week in Pictures!

Each time I view photos taken by our staff on the ground in China and while "in the field" in the homes of the families we are privileged to served, I am moved beyond words. The series of circumstances that lead to us being involved with a family in this way in quite unlikely. Firstly, a family must decide to keep their child.  This is not a given in any society, nor is it in China.  Some instead elect to allow a government institution to provide the care they feel they are not equipped to give. Second, they must decide not to keep their child a "secret."  Many families, trying to their child's discomfort, essentially keep them hidden away from a society who they believe will not have room for them. And thirdly, they must be willing to scour the landscape for the resources their children will need to grow and to thrive in light of the impairment(s) they are living with. In short, the families we work with are special.  They have chosen to FIGHT for their children.  They have chosen to FIND a way for their children to get what they need.  They have chosen to FACE the challenges that have been introduced into their situation and that of their child.  And finally, they have chosen to FORGE ahead and to not turn back. When we find these 4-F FAMILIES, we feel compelled to follow suit.  We will FIGHT, FIND, FACE, and FORGE with them.  We will FIGHT with families.  We will FIND a way to help.  We will FACE forward and address their unique challenges.  And we will FORGE ahead until there is LOVE, HOPE, and OPPORTUNITY for every family raising a child living with a disability in mainland China! Thank you for joining us as we work to support them!

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