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The Family 

测试家庭 Test Family

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View family updates below

Love seeing this. Yu Qi’s Father actively engaged in his Special Education session at our Kai Fu Center.

Always lovely to see Le Le and her Grandmother smiling. They appear ready to celebrate CNY which begins next week!

Team #3 visiting Le Le and awarding her with a Certificate of Achievement. She seems quite pleased!

It’s been a long two years for Jing Yuan and his family as they have sought to repair damage to his spinal support. It has involved significant amounts of money, time and travel.
We are thankful to have been able to walk with them through this trying time, and are happy to report that he is back in school!

Here are a couple of lovely photos from a home visit with Zhi Guo and his mother.  Having been to their home personally, this means a lot to me.  They live on the sixth floor of an apartment building with no elevator.  Each time they want to take him out for fresh air, it requires his father to bear Zhi Guo on his back down and then up the six flights of stairs.

Overall, Zhi Guo is a happy and engaging young man.  His parents are very devoted to him and are attentive to his needs.  It is a joy to do what we can to help families such as this!

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