Leading the Way

Here is Cross Care Team #3 conducting a home visit with Liu Le and her mother.  For working moms, home visits relieve some of the travel burden required to pursue needed services for their children.  This is the inside of the shop where Liu Le's mother earns a living for her and her sweet daughter. This is an area where local authorities are interested in learning from our Cross Care Teams.  They need to see new methods such as this field-tested before they could conceivably recommend them to government-sponsored service groups. And that is a big part of our vision for this work.  We desire to be on the leading edge of providing needed care to families like that of Liu Le so that we can gradually influence what is happening on a broader scale both regionally and nationally. [caption id="attachment_8068" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Miss Shen (left) who is a Special Educator pictured with Liu Le (center) and her mother (right)[/caption]

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