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image of junlin
The Family 

俊霖 Junlin and his family

FPP first got to know Junlin during the 2019 FPP Summer Camp. We had the privilege of providing respite for his family by taking charge of him for three days and four nights.

Junlin is a wonderful ten year old boy with Cerebral Palsy. Early on in the camp, one of the staff member’s daughters, Zao Zao, gave Junlin a Hello Kitty keychain which he kept for the remainder of the weekend. 

One of the highlights of the camp for Junlin (and many of the other campers) was swimming. As our Cross Care Team spent time with Junlin we were impressed with the dedication of his caregivers (primarily his grandmother). We developed a genuine affection for Junlin and others seemed to enjoy having him at the Summer Camp also. 

The FPP Cross Care team was reminded with Junlin that the dedicated caregivers within the families we serve are indeed inspiring; it is not inspiration that keeps them going, it is love and it is grit. It is a toughness that only forms when a soul resigns itself to putting the comprehensive needs of another person before their own. And though they don’t want applause, they certainly appreciate a helping hand from time-to-time.

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Who would have thought learning letters would be so much fun.  Knowing Jun Lin personally, I can vouch for the fact that he can bring joy into almost any situation.  He loves to be with people and is eager both to talk and to listen.

Here is Jun Lin enjoying a Special Education session at our Kai Fu Center with one of our teachers.  Our teachers are careful to offer learning opportunities that have been carefully coordinated with the learning goals contained within his customized care plan.

I am grateful for our dedicated staff who provide the love, hope, and opportunity that children such as Jun Lin are exceedingly worthy of.  Cheering for you, Jun Lin!  加油!

Smiles like this make everything worth it!

I love seeing this photo for so many reasons.  Wang Hua has been in ICC’s care since she was a young child.  We have watched her grow into a beautiful young woman with many talents.  Two years ago, she was offered a staff position with the Family Partners Program.  This was in addition to her other duties with the Rainbow Project in Changsha (writing reports and working with Child Sponsorship).

Since that time, she has become an integral part of the team and as always, an inspiration to all she comes in contact with.  Here she is instructing Jun Lin on how to do a learning activity during an Enrichment Session.  In her I see the power of seeing love, hope, and opportunity have a cascading effect on future generations.

A big thanks to Wang Hua (her English name is Jenny) for being a willing participant in this beautiful process envisioned by our Founder (David Gotts) so many years ago.

Jun Lin (left) learning from Wang Hua (right). Jenny is a natural and gifted teacher 🙂

Physical Therapy is a big part of 俊霖 Jun Lin’s care plan as put together by Cross Care Team #2 .  Sometimes he comes to our Kai Fu Center and other times our staff travel to his home and provide care.  As you can see, he is a happy fella and seems to genuinely enjoy the attention and affection which accompanies these sessions.

Here is 俊霖 Jun Lin on a therapy mat in our Therapy Room

俊霖 Jun Lin’s devoted grandmother (top) is always close by his side and is always eager to learn new techniques she can use at home

俊霖 Jun Lin looks taller.  And though he has likely grown some, this is mostly due to his improving posture and strengthening legs as a result of regular Physical Therapy!  Here he is at our Center yesterday.  His grandmother is being guided through some exercises by our Therapy Specialist.  Our goal is not just to provide therapy, but to empower caregivers to continue the work at home.

Cross Care Team #2 was able to see 俊霖 Jun Lin and his grandmother this week.  Miss Guo provided Therapy and Miss Wang provided Special Education.  Miss Lin was also able to spend some time with his grandmother to she how she is holding up.

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