Jin Song Update

Jin Song is meeting new friends and teachers.  Both a new teacher and a new volunteer have now been to his home and are connecting well with him.  After just a half an hour together, Jin Song seemed to visibly relax and shyly asked if he could add them as a contact on WeChat (a popular Chinese messaging app).  He also asked if he could add their telephone numbers into his phone. This is very encouraging.  When Jin Song, who is naturally shy and cautious, goes out of his way to add their contact information it shows he is comfortable with them and intends to stay in contact. During their time together, Jin Song and his new friends confirmed his growth and learning plan.  In addition to singing (which he enjoys), they will work on his recognition and Chinese characters as well as expanding his vocabulary.  They also plan to work on his Pinyin so he can type Chinese characters into his phone or computer.  This will also help with his reading and writing of the Chinese language. [caption id="attachment_8428" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Jin Song interacting with a new volunteer (center) with his grandmother also joining in the fun[/caption] They are also working on developing his photography.  With better language skills and more refined photography, his goal is to use these abilities to better connect with and grow his social network online.  Right now this is of particular interest to Jin Song.  Like any other teenager, he wants to increase his number of “likes” on social media! His teacher also has plans to help Jin Song improve his mathematical skills and even has machinations to introduce him to multiplication. [caption id="attachment_8427" align="alignnone" width="1024"] Jin Song getting out and interacting with the local wildlife :)[/caption] Recently, Jin Song also mastered a new game - Flying Chess.  His Grandmother was delighted to watch Jin Song and his friends play so happily and with uproarious laughter.  We plan to gift him a Flying Chess set soon so Jin Song’s father can join in the fun.  We are thankful to see an increasing amount of joy both in Jin Song and his family. [caption id="attachment_8426" align="alignnone" width="1024"] I love to see him engaged and learning[/caption]

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