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嘉嘉 Jiajia and his grandmother

Jiajia was born in 2008 with brain damage and a cognitive impairment. His grandparents are his primary caregivers and have been providing home therapy from an early age.

As well as looking after Jiajia, his grandparents are also taking care of his four-year-old sister. Jiajia’s grandfather is in his seventies now and with his health, his main responsibilities at home are cooking, doing household chores, and taking his granddaughter to school.  

Jiajia and his grandmother regularly take their two-hour journey (which includes taking three different buses) to our Kai Fu District Care Centre for his afternoon sessions at FPP. These include Special Education and Therapy according to his needs.  

Jiajia and his grandmother have been coming to FPP since 2012. His grandmother loves bringing him to class, and Jia Jia has made great progress. 

Recently, Jiajia’s grandmother brought in a large bag of oranges to thank the FPP staff, as a gesture to show her appreciation for how the programme has supported her and her grandson. She has also attended FPP events herself such as the Karaoke outing and had a wonderful time with the team and other caretakers!

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Once again, there is a lot going on with our children and families.  Here are a few snapshots to give you a feel for what’s been happening in the Family Partners Program!

Team #3 on a home visit with Hao Chen and family

Yao Yao and Jia Jia holding hands and looking cute on a recent outing

Recent home visit with a new family

Jia Xin checking her mother’s temperature at our Kai Fu Center

Shao Yi during a recent home visit

So much happens when we conduct a Home Visit.  Detailed questions and artful analysis are carried out casually over a cup of tea and some light refreshments.  Many times Special Education and / or Physical Therapy are offered on-site to a family who may find it difficult to travel to our Kai Fu Center.

And this is certainly the case for Jia Jia and his grandmother.   Each time our Cross Care Team comes calling, Jia Jia engages in a learning session specially prepared by our professional staff to meet his needs that he might make progress toward his short and long-term objectives.

But equally important are those moments of connection, such as in the photograph below.  One of our staff is walking hand-in-hand with Jia Jia and alongside his grandmother just spending a few moments enjoying the beautiful weather.  And this is indeed an apt portrayal of our work with families.

We do not stand apart from them, cooly directing their next steps.  Instead, we journey with them as they face the unexpected complexities of life with courage.

Here is Jia Jia (center) and his grandmother (left) walking with one of our Cross Care Team members

These pictures make my heart smile.  I know both of these children well.  And watching them holding hands and giggling as they play together outside is truly important not just to them, but to their caregivers as well.  Friendship is often a happy byproduct of the work that we do with families.  Children and families learn to lean on and love one another is a way that takes no prodding.  #Bless the little children

Jia Jia (left) is generally shy and reserved. Smiles don’t always come easy from him. But he sure is smiling now!

Yao Yao (right) is a lovely child who makes friends easily. Her mother is one of our Social Workers.

Team #1 conducted a home visit with 嘉嘉 Jia Jia and his grandmother yesterday.  嘉嘉 Jia Jia is usually pretty reserved, but even he can’t resist a smile when Miss Chen comes to visit!

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