Getting a Little Sun!

Here is Jin Song getting a little sun during a recent home visit from Mr. Wu.  These are some of my favorite times with children and families.  It can be stressful and difficult just to get out of the house.  And once outside, visibility is high while warmth and understanding may be a bit spotty in the surrounding community. But it is amazing what an entourage can do for a young man like Jin Song.  What normally may have been a somewhat awkward and short-lived excursion becomes a circle of care that bears witness to the neighborhood.  This young man has friends and fans who think the world of him. And on many occasions I have seen hearts open before my very eyes and openness and sincerity be re-born.  Many times, we find human compassion and kindness are just below the surface.  They just need a bit of polishing in order to be revealed :) [caption id="attachment_8168" align="alignnone" width="1024"] "I'd walk a million miles for one your your smiles" - Al Jolson[/caption]

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