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The Family 

凡凡 Fan Fan and his family

Fanfan and his older brother Guo live with a wonderful, supportive mother. Guo, the eldest brother, is twelve years old and has autism and a cognitive delay. His younger brother Fanfan is five years old and has since been diagnosed with Rasmussen’s Encephalitis, Hepatitis B and Epilepsy. This has caused cognitive impairment and delays in his motor skills.

At a young age Fanfan began therapy and learnt to walk with assistance, however as the severity of his seizures increased, it was determined that Fanfan needed to undergo brain surgery. Following the surgery, Fanfan no longer has seizures. 

Recently, our Cross Care Teams did a full assessment and set goals to support his gross motor, fine motor, and learning skills. Along with that, we also took measurements to fit him for a lightweight and portable wheelchair so that he is better supported. 

Fanfan has received several therapy sessions at home, which have also included parent education and training. His mother has loved learning new skills and regularly sends pictures and videos of her performing the exercises with Fanfan. She is very grateful, and says that she has increased confidence supporting Fan Fan’s therapy goals at home. Fanfan’s father recently joined in a therapy session in our center – it was beautiful to see Fanfan’s joy at having his father attend the session. 

Fanfan’s mother has expressed doubts that Guo will be able to go much further with his education within the public school system. At FPP, we are currently looking into vocational training and social inclusion opportunities that will assist young people who are not able to acclimate to the system. We are planning to be able to continue to support the family in this way.

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This picture captures so much of what we are able to provide for families.  I have loved watching Fan Fan’s little life slowly transform.  And it’s not just the technical, professional skills that have made the difference.

As you can see in this photo, it’s the relationship the makes the difference.  Our ladies become so much more than service providers.  They become friends and advocates for precious children such as Fan Fan.

I never get tired of seeing the response of children to being provided with Love, Hope, and Opportunity.  It is truly a life-changing encounter 🙂

This little guy has overcome so much that a snapshot will fail to capture.  But I assure you, there is so much more going on in this photo than “just some beads.”  Take a quick look at his backstory to learn more:

Our staff were at 凡凡 Fan Fan’s home today both to provide services and to check in with his mother.  In addition to this precious photo of him with Miss Chen (Social Worker), I have added a nine second clip of him giggling at the attention he is receiving.  Enjoy!

Miss Chen has known 凡凡 Fan Fan for a couple years now

Miss Wang working with 凡凡 Fan Fan on his walking at his home.  Love to see his progress!  Please refer to our gallery of families for his backstory.

凡凡 Fan Fan’s family joined our program back in 2018.  He is making great progress.  When he joined the program, he was unable to walk.  Just look at how well he is walking now!

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