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浦东 Pudong

Dongdong is a lively, joyful little boy with Down’s Syndrome. He attends weekly special education and therapy sessions at our FPP Family Services Centre, and is responding to them well. As his family lives in a rural area and are therefore not residents of Changsha city, they are unfortunately not able to participate in government-funded programmes.

During his initial assessment, it was clear that Dongdong had a protruding growth on his neck. His mother explained that it sometimes interferes with his swallowing and she was concerned that it may require surgery, but was daunted by the complex medical system.

In order to determine exactly what was happening with Dongdong, the FPP Cross Care Team assigned to his case recommended that we provide the funding necessary to investigate further. Our team also accompanied her and her son to the hospital. Thankfully, the assessment determined there were no major problems and nothing that needed to be addressed by surgery, to the relief of Dongdong’s mother. On the day of his doctor’s appointment, we also discovered that Dongdong and his mother find it difficult to navigate the complex subway system in Changsha. The team has now devised a plan to help them take advantage of this public transit tool and cut their commute time in half. It is a joy to be able to support families like Dongdong’s in any way we can!

Rural families have a different Hukou (household registration) than urban residents living in cities like Changsha. Resources for these families are limited; very few can receive adequate public education and medical welfare in their villages. To provide a better future for their children, rural families often choose to move away from the village to the city, even when that means having to pay for the benefits themselves. FPP works with families in rural areas like Dongdong’s family, where it is difficult to get access to medical benefits, especially for children with special needs.

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Too cute not to share!  Here is little Pu Dong playing with Miss Xiang (one of our Physical Therapists).  When I first met this guy, he was painfully shy and didn’t smile.  Here he is laughing 🙂

This picture warms my heart.  I know this little guy personally, and have very much enjoyed watching Cross Care Team #1 bond with him and his mother.  Here is Miss Xiang fitting 浦东 Pu Dong for a couple of pairs of shoes they picked out especially for him.  All children are worthy of love, and our staff make this proclamation daily through actions such as this.

And these acts of care are certainly not lost on 浦东 Pu Dong’s extended family, nor on his mother’s customers and neighbors.  Surprising love touches all who bear witness to its power.

So proud of our teams!

Here is 浦东 Pu Dong enjoying a new learning tool provided to him by Cross Care Team #1.  Here he is interacting with our new Special Education Teacher in his mother’s little shop.

On a recent home visit, our staff had the pleasure of delivering some supplies to 浦东 Pu Dong and his mother.  As you can see, I think 浦东 Pu Dong is happy with his gift!

I think somebody likes his new back 🙂

Team #2 went to see 浦东 Pu Dong and provide in-home services this past week.  It warms my heart to see the smile on his mother’s face (top left).  I know how I feel when people express love for my children 🙂

The boy in this photo is not the same shy child I met in the Fall of 2019.  So thankful to have been able to invest in this little life.

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