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July 2021

Leading the Way

Here is Cross Care Team #3 conducting a home visit with Liu Le and her mother.  For working moms, home visits relieve some of the travel burden required to pursue…

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Tea Party!

Here is a brief report from Cross Care Team #3 on an activity they hosted: 今天下午在晨光中心二楼举办了一场小型的茶话会,我们邀请了三户家庭和孩子们来参加。孩子们由沈老师、陈老师带着进行实践课程学习,父母和爷爷奶奶们围坐在一起畅所欲言,聊得很开心。随后我们来到音乐室让孩子们感受下音乐带来的快乐,到一楼看画展。孩子们看到自己的画画作品对外展示时,好开心! A small tea party was held this afternoon on the second floor of the…

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